Canyon Sounds

by Canyon Sounds

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Cuts 04:12
Well I’m spitting up the same old shit I’m making points you know I’ve made before I’m regurgitated guts on refinished hardwood floors Well angry cuts don’t sew up quick if morning eyes are still turning tricks and those anvils mean when you wake up I’ll be gone Tonight’s the end of the world, but we won’t feel it till tomorrow burns When the traffic lights are blinking red and those farmers’ fields are fallow Well I’m running through the conversation Some things I said…I wish I’d choked More emancipated thoughts than I needed to let go Well angry cuts don’t sew up quick if morning eyes are still turning tricks Today mine were vacant expanses Tonight they’re barbed wire fences Tonight's the end of the world, but we won’t feel it till tomorrow burns When the traffic lights are blinking red and those farmers’ fields are fallow And the droning sound of dying air meets the constant ringing in my ears Before the hurried mob takes me away, I’ve got just one more thing I want to say Here’s to you
The Painter 03:53
I painted a picture, but not very well It never looks like it does in my head The morning sky stretches out across a field And a man shuffles down a potholed dirt road I don’t know what he’s looking for He knows it’s lost and it needs to be found He’s running out of weeks and of days and of hours The sun is at his back as he stares off down the road He’s never felt more at ease with being all alone I don’t know what he’s looking for I don’t want to be alone looking for those ghosts I won’t find It’s not all up to us who keeps our hearts and our minds I don’t know what he’s looking for I’ll never be happy with what I have here in my hands Maybe it’s better off that way, maybe I have all I’ll have I should have tried harder I should have done it right I should have looked you right in the eye I should have been more direct I should have fought that fight I should have seen though all those lies I should have been a painter
What a day to fly away I didn't mean to leave it halfway done It just worked out, it just unfolded As if you and I could see it coming Like shadows stretching out and then dissolving We're better off pretending that we're still growing The words we used seem so far away It's been a long time since we've talked I guess it's been a long time coming What's left to say, what's left to chance We didn't have a chance, the wind was blowing Now I'm not saying that I have all the answers or that I know exactly where I'm going The words we used seem so far away Everything was grey that night, there were no stars Even though I knew the way, I still got lost Thinking 'bout all the work I still have to do Thinking 'bout what this means for me and you Like slowly suffocating in a heavy winter coat I'm tired of pretending that I'm hiding from the cold
I used to feel like I was right A train moving on a track Answers didn't matter The questions were lost in the wind Moving forward, don't look back There's nothing there, no regrets I can't remember why I started running again Time has a way of standing still or maybe it's just me It's hard to tell if it's ok, or if I'm stuck here indefinitely There were times I guess that I was wrong and I guess I knew it all along but we can't pretend Sorry's just like starting again Moving forward, don't look back At rows of corn and tall smoke stacks I can't believe just how far I still have to go
I'm going to put this day to bed On the couch of a friend of a friend I can't remember how this started and I can't tell you how it ends So I'm going to put this day to bed I don't know what you heard, but don't believe everything If there's nowhere to go, then we're stuck here in between So save your lashing out and anger We both know what you're really after It's time to move on I'm going to put this day to bed and remember exactly what she said She said, you can run and you can hide but you can't have the dawn before the night So I'm going to put this day to bed I don't know what she told you, but I'm sure it's mostly true There's shit I wish I hadn't, but then there's things I had to do So give me what you got, I'm tired Maybe in the end we'll both feel better It's time to move on
Virginia 03:20
I’m going to Virginia And darling dear you know I’m really going to miss ya But the hills they are calling out to me And out here you’re as far as I can see I don’t know when I’ll be coming home again I’m praying for forgiveness I hope you know this time I really mean it It wasn’t worth all those sleepless nights That I spent walking with the stars and the streetlights I’m so sorry for the things I said I’d do, but I never got around to And I’m sorry for all the time we spent waiting in line How was I to know this line wasn’t for us to toe? I’m sorry for all the time I don’t know when I don’t know when I’ll be coming home again
Wait for It 03:32
The wind is blowing outside The house is still and cold If the dog weren't here by my side Well I'd be sitting here alone Ooh I did my best, I really tried The wind is blowing outside But I’m not much for adventure Some of us don't live, we don't try Lately I've been thinking about what that means Ooh I think something's going to happen for me Wait for it wait for it wait for it I don't need to know where to go, I just need to go Ooh it's starting to snow The wind is blowing outside I'm starting to sway with the trees The clock says it's only past nine There's still time to make up a better excuse and Ooh maybe today's just not meant to be
Say Goodbye 03:27
Are you some kind of machine? The way you see right through me The way you say the things that I could never name My words are grey and reticent They swirl, I fade and make no sense Do I get points for trying something new? I've been tangled up and now I'm tired Gathering wood to build us a fire Shaking out my worn out stories Just hoping you're still listening Is this some kind of dream? The way the fire cast its shadows on me In your smoky eyes I think found some truth Forgive me for being hesitant It’s my middle-western manners I’m wrapped up in Let me get out what I came here to say And we’ll sleep it off until the morning Under stars it feels like we’re floating If tomorrow there’s still an ocean We’ll say goodbye
No Time Left 03:06
The people on this street have their reasons to leave But all the folks we talk to are talking with cold feet For now they all seem fine just taking their time Everyone we know’s got somewhere to be but tonight we can’t decide where we should meet Oh I don’t know if I can care anymore We’ve got no time left but I don’t know for certain Have the pieces in our hands but no direction or solution Is the future what you make of it or what it makes of you I don’t know, but we’re doing the best that we can We have all the answers but the questions are vague When did we become the ones we thought we had to save I’ve been plotting out a route out of here in my head Now the sun don’t shine for four months at a time I guess we knew better, must have changed our minds It’s too late for me, save yourself, it’s not too late, wait for me
Black Spots 04:05
I can’t see through the black spots it might be time for me to say goodbye to everything that’s kept me here tied in knots and I’m afraid I’m drifting In and out of this conversation I’ll tell you what, this isn’t how it supposed to go I was supposed to be better than the men in front of me so take deep breaths and count to ten and clench your fists, now do it again I’m waving to the crowd as the plane goes down I’m waving to the crowd Now you know, nothing good can come of waiting here hanging on these words, all worried all about my second guessing It’s times like this I really wish I could stay up on my feet The droning of the passersby is soothing me like a lullaby My mind keeps racing on, the tires spin, the car is on it’s side I’m struggling just to open my eyes
Waning Moon 04:14
Maybe I don't get everything Someday maybe I'll learn I was told that I could do anything, oh anything but I don't always do what I'm told We used to draw out our future We were dots on a map of the world but lately it seems like I’ve been draw out I'm tired and faded and old You say I’m a waning moon, well what does that make you I’ve been waiting for something new, now how do I get through Will you wait for me like I’d wait for you I guess we’ll never know, cuz I’d never ask you to It’s times like today that we’ll struggle Tracing those points on the map We keep getting lost in the spaces between them We keep getting caught looking back Maybe I don't get everything That's not for me to decide I was told that I could do anything, oh anything and anything is what I intend to find


Too punk for folk and far too folky for punk; Canyon Sounds’ self-titled debut album thrusts itself between genres, offering the impression that the band members have been at it for some time. Individually, they have...

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released April 24, 2019


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Canyon Sounds Denver, Colorado

The Denver based folk-rock band's songs share bits and pieces of stories about life, beginnings and endings. One downstairs neighbor described their sound as, "Drowning out NCIS, keep it down!" Canyon Sounds believe in music's power to connect people, even if they're just hearing the echos set over Mark Harmon solving yet another Navy related crime. ... more

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