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Greetings 00:46
by now i've had a hundred chances that were so graciously given to me i squandered them all on a girl i used to know and she wasted her chances on me it ended when i least expected no fireworks, no tears, no goodbyes just a box of my things and note with four words it said better you than i if there's still a story in these strings why am i so lost in other things not ready to admit that i've been lying to myself I’m not saying i could see what was right in front of me never found a way to play that song stuck in my head it isn't that i wasn't listening it didn't seem you had anything to say there's more to this story than i'm letting on but i think this story’s better that way can i say that i wasn't ready and I’m not sure I’m all there today but saying I’m sorry has never been my thing I think I’m more into walking away
A Letter 02:57
i guess you're right we were good together but like they say there's nothing that lasts forever tell me what's the last thing you'll remember is it a knock down drag out? is it this letter? i promise i'm not asking again my back hurts like hell, but i've got work tonight i'd tell you this in person but there’s never any time tell me you promise that you'll notice the words i chose to write, the way i wrote them i promise i'm not asking again if there's a chance that you've got something left then i still hope that you can figure all this out it's been so long out on the end of this rope i'm tired, i'm sorry, i'm done can you name what it is that you're looking for i know it's not a barroom, it's not in any store when you close your eyes can you even see it a picture or some words that seem to fit in i promise i'm not asking again all we have in common is what we've left behind i've tried oh i've tried but I know it's just a line it isn't that i'm questioning your motives but the things you do are lacking any focus i promise i'm not asking again
Do you remember me? Do you know where I’ve been? Did you hear the bells ringing out? Did you think that I was dead? No one said a word. Did you let that silence hold you? Did you keep the fire burning or did it smolder long ago? Were you lost in a dream same as me? Where all the places you’ve seen are just pictures cut from magazines When you’re tired of listening to me, just go out the way you came in Can you keep it together like a tired rubber band? Grey haired and grizzled i’m not, you’re not the same man looking in the mirror, for any sign of life your eyes don’t want to open wide and the birds trade songs for spite
Wyoming 04:09
I lost every dollar long before I made it I've come to terms, I’m not good at this So I’m out here tonight with my shovel in hand The ground is still soft, I know where I stand The rain may have stopped in Wyoming, but the clouds still go on and on Believe me I didn’t see it coming We met on the shortest day of the year It was clear and it was cold, bright eyes, old souls I can’t tell you much but there’s one thing I know I’m still circling overhead I’m still hanging in the wind I guess things never change I can’t tell you where I’ve been The rain may have stopped in Wyoming, but the clouds still go on and on I like to think of these plains as oceans, and this gentle breeze is bound to bring me home Bring me home
This is It 03:15
If this is it should we say our goodbyes? Welcome us home, hands folded so tight Silhouettes aglow in the dawn and the birds sing as old friends, sing the same somber verse I don’t pray much, but it seems worth a try the syntax is wrong, just being polite like digging up bones that belong to the past prayers remind me that nothing can last indelible marks, streaks in the sky is that where we go, is that what we’ll find I guess who’s to say what it means in the end take away the names, what do you have left? Just when the weight of the song came to bear I lost it again like it wasn’t there I wonder if that’s all that we’re meant to know A glimpse of a truth, just an end (to a story)
Seeds 03:11
Growing up I didn’t know any better. A seed in the dirt, I was watching the weather. Wasting time, waiting for a storm. Like the flicker of a flame slowly fading, I think I’m getting closer, can you hear what they’re sayin? They’re still standing too far away Clouds reach out across the horizon. Fingers beckoning, like the sound of a siren, they pull us back and back and back and forth. Our ears to the ground as if to remind us. There’s nothing there, let’s put it all behind us. The whispers echo on through the cold. 30 years of the same bad advice. Like waking up from the same dream twice, I’m foggy but i still remember everything. I’d like to say it’s over but I’ve got a feeling as I lay here staring at the ceiling, repeating the last line of a poem: We’re still seeds. Growing into different things
Clean cold canvas start again Paint it as you see it, let the light filter in Ignore the passing footsteps, the dust and my cheap lines The air is getting heavy, summer sounds settle in Dragging down the sidewalk, so erudite, so thin You said to me it’s easy, what’s one little white lie? I whispered my rebuttal, eyes fixed up in the night Are you asking for forgiveness or pretending it’s alright? I took your hand in mine and offered to walk you home You said…what’s your rush? This town never wanted us, but go on if you must There are times that I’ll believe it’s all been a big mistake We’ll laugh it off and say we wouldn’t have it any other way And if I never finish what I started out to do Well, better men than I have given up on you
Outro 00:54


released September 11, 2020


all rights reserved



Canyon Sounds Denver, Colorado

The Denver based folk-rock band's songs share bits and pieces of stories about life, beginnings and endings. One downstairs neighbor described their sound as, "Drowning out NCIS, keep it down!" Canyon Sounds believe in music's power to connect people, even if they're just hearing the echos set over Mark Harmon solving yet another Navy related crime. ... more

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